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Sketch book pg 1
Little mer drawing I plan yo post more sketch book pages in the future
Aspen Bluewood ( Skyrim oc )
I do not own anything from the game nor from any mods.

Full name: Aspen Bluewood

Gender: Female

Species: Wood Elf

Age: 20

Birthday: Hearthfire 17, 4E 180 (September 17)

Sexuality: Pansexual

City or town of birth: Dawnstar

Currently lives: Whiterun

Languages spoken: English,and Ta'agra

Relationship Status: Single Pringle ( but sleeps around Sometimes )


Height: 5 foot 8 inches

Weight: 140 pounds

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: Blue

Skin/fur/etc colour: Tan

Piercings: ear cuffs 4 on each ear

Scars/distinguishing marks: scar on her side ( didn't show it on her ref sorry )

Preferred style of clothing: Light armor or revealing clothing.

Frequently worn jewellery/accessories: Sapphire Ring, gold and Ebony earrings with gold rings


Heavy drinker.

Allergies: Bees, says she's allergic to stupidity.


Personality: what she says often makes people think she's a negative person, but truthfully she she is one who thinks more positive and her actions show it. She is stubborn and like to be thorough but definitely isn't the brightest tool in the shed but she tends to figure things out.

Any alcohol
Gold and gems
Warm weather
Summer Rain

Most Nords
Any jobs that deal with the Falmer or Dwemer ruins.
Selfish people

Getting stuck in soul gem
Dying to most monsters in Skyrim.
Being frozen
Losing people she cares about.

Favourite colour: Green,red, and blue

Selling things
Writing story's
Playing the flute
Dungeon hunting

Taste in music: any music except ones that are about politics.


Talents/skills: Skilled Bowman, flute player, good at sneaking, speaking, and can easily beat you in a drinking contest.



Favourite food(s): Veggie stew, cooked salmon. Anything with spice

Favourite drink(s): Spiced wine. Fruit juice of any kind.


Character's house/home: breezehome in Whiterun

Significant/special belongings: She only has a ring that her father gave her.


She is mostly peaceful. Unless ordered to kill or feels the need to. When that happens tries her best to stealthily, but when push comes to shove she will either run or fight with her dagger and a sword.

Weapon of choice: Bow

Weaknesses in combat: Two handed weapons and defenses

Strengths in combat: archery, one handed and dual wielding.


Parents names:
Father: Tatan Bluewood
( wood elf )
Mother: Diana Bluewood
( redguard )
!Both deceased!

Best Friend: Inigo ( best mod for Skyrim ever btw)

Pets: Meeko ( dog )


( I tried my best to keep it to Skyrim history, but I might've messed up. If I did do say. )

Before birth: Her mother and father was both in the dark brotherhood in Dawnstar, where eventually the feel in love and got married. Soon after had Aspen. (Nuf said. )

Their childhood (newborn - age 10): Her parents were not the best parents, but they at least tried. When one was on a job the other would be watching her. When she was old enough they started totsch her. Her mother thought her how to sneak, her father taught her to use a bow, And both taught her to survive.

During one of her lesson her father decided to take a walk. It was quite as they walked through the snowy mountains surrounding the town. They eventually stopped and her father kneeled in front her told her how much he loved her. He then handed her a ring smiling. After some exciting noises coming from Aspen, and some laughter from her father. They soon went home.

When she was 8 The Crypt of the Night Mother was attacked. Both of her parents went to help save it, telling her they'll be back. They never did.

She waited days just doing what she needed to survive. She eventually got worried and grabbed her stuff to go find her parents.

While she was out she found a destroyed caravan. It turned out that it was a bandits ambush spot, and soon got surrounded. Her eight year old self tried her best to fend off the bandits but all they did was laugh going to grab her.

Lucky for her though a Khajiit caravan was passing by, and one of the guards was nice enough to help. He was able to kill a few bandits and the rest ran off seeing the rest of the caravan coming to aid.

Once the bandits were gone the Khajiit that first helped her asked what she was doing. She told him. He figured that her parents were dead knowing Skyrim and asked her if she wanted to come along. Saying he'll help find her parents if he could. She agreed and went with the caravan, getting to know him learning his name was Fimaz-dar and that he was skilled with talking and one handed weapons. He began teaching her.

teenage years (11 - 19): She traveled with her new family on the road learning from them and helping them out whenever she could.

Once she got old enough she started to branch off from there caravan doing small jobs and earning coin from them. She always came back though.

At the age of 19 she was able to get in good standing with the jarl of whiterun, and was able to buy a house. Using all her coin she got breezehome and said her goodbyes to her khajjit family. Starting with her life.

adult years (20+): She is now currently just helping out around town and going out and helping with nearby problems.

( And that's all for the back story)



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Please realize that I'm working on a small device using my finger to draw. If I don't get it done right away I apologise, but you'll have to wait. It will be given to you tho.

Also I would appreciate if you wait tell I accepted your commission before paying me. Also if you could pay me before you get the art that would be great unless there is something stopping you we can work out a plan


Things I won't draw

• some fettish art... I'm sorry but some I will refuse to do cause I don't like it. I understand if you do tho.

Things I will

• most everything else



•Charater ref
•Personality ( don't have to but will help with •deciding )
•Preferred background

Simple/ default background- flat or gradiated colors
Medium background- same as simple with some details added
Complex background- full back ground of landscape or other things.

Sketches with/ without color $1
• ADD another character +$1 each max 6 characters total
• ADD shading +$1
• medium background +$1
• full background +$5

Lineart/ headshots $5
• ADD another character +$1 each max 2 characters total
• medium background $1
• Ask for shading if you want it kk

Chebi/ waist and above $10
• ADD charater $1 each max 2 characters total
•ask for shading

Fully body $15
• Add character $1 max 2 characters totally

Full scene with shading and lighting with simple or medium back ground+ shaded headshot with
a simple background  $20
• add character $5 max 2 characters total.
•Complex background $5


Pay me back using my PayPal.Me link:

Also if you wish to donate money that would be great.

🌲🌲Thanks for reading see you cutties!!!!!!!🌲🌲


CedarCarnival65's Profile Picture
Camille Clark
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Im a high schooler that is trying her best to get better at art and hopefully make it into her job. I've been working on my art since, as long as I can remember. So it's been a life long passion. Even though​ I don't post offten I do draw offten. If you wish me to post more offten I'll gladly do so. :)

I do accept critiques. In fact I highly encourage it both good and bad I personally really don't care. But be warned I will be giving my opinion back the same way you dished it out.

Some information about me is I'm Pansexual and is currently in a relationship with a partner who states they are gender fluid. I usually call him my boyfriend to make things easier and he is alright with it. He's a cutie trust me. ;)

I am the oldest in my family with two younger siblings, a brother and a sister. We also have two pets a cat and a dog. Our cat is named boo and she is around 15 year old. Her fur color is a light brown with a darker brown face and tail, with blue eyes. We are not sure what breed she is cause she was a stray. As for a dog, her name is Gracie. She is a Morkie which is a mixture of a Maltese and a Yorkie. She is mostly white and a semi curly tail and floppy ears. This dog is my twin. She is as dumb as me and gets easily distracted like me. I love them both.

Now for me I believe I'm more of a easy going gal. I like mostly indoor activities like watching tv, videogame​s, and drawing ( duh ) I do also some more outside activities like rollor blading and also ice skating. As for food my favorite type is anything Italian related. And food I hate is ANYTHING PORK I won't eat it, and most fruit. ( Not veggies there good )


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